Argus introduces integrated treatment management solution Argus Wellness Systems.

This integration allows for a virtually seamless view of all care connected to a patient, giving companies the detailed details they need to best manage patient treatment.. Argus introduces integrated treatment management solution Argus Wellness Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of DST Inc., and a leading independent transparent pharmacy benefit administrator, today the option of CareConnect to their customers announced. The CareConnect answer, with a real-time look at of patient info, is one of the highest quality, today most integrated and configurable & most workflow-automated software solutions open to the market.Help is obtainable, and in order to lead a successful life being diagnosed as bipolar, a person must be proactive in seeking it.

Old Chinese practice lowers hypertension, may lessen risks of stroke and cardiovascular disease Patients with hypertension treated with acupuncture experienced drops in their blood pressure that lasted up to a month and a half, experts with the Susan Samueli Middle for Integrative Medication have found. Their work is the initial to scientifically concur that this ancient Chinese practice is effective in treating gentle to moderate hypertension, and this implies that regular use could help people control their blood circulation pressure and lessen their threat of stroke and heart disease.