Image quality allows for the recognition of elevated polyps.

Remember Digital colonoscopy is a rapidly advancing technique that uses spiral CT to image the colon and rectum. Image quality allows for the recognition of elevated polyps, however, not of finer mucosal detail such as vascular colitis and anomalies. Patients need to take bowel preparation as they would for conventional colonoscopy. The colon is usually distended with air flow by rectal CT and catheter imaging undertaken, during a single breath keep, in both prone and supine positions; this is to minimise false negative and fake positive findings.Take the free Health and fitness Assessment Survey on the house page and encounter how his surveys on a wide range of health care conditions provide instant personalized integrative ideas for your health challenges!. Au. Sediba demonstrates exclusive mix of features, never just before observed in early human ancestors A number of five papers predicated on new evidence regarding various areas of the anatomy of the species Australopithecus sediba , can look in the prestigious journal Technology on Friday, 9 September 2011.