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Appendectomy Appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix when an infection has managed to get inflamed and swollen. This infection, called appendicitis, is known as an emergency since it can be life threatening if untreated — occasionally, an inflamed appendix bursts after a complete day of symptoms. So it’s very important to have it removed as soon as possible more reviews . Fortunately, appendectomy is a common procedure and complications are rare.

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Applied BioCode’s novel BMB technology to be offered at Biodetection Technology 2010 Conference Applied BioCode, Inc. Announced today a presentation to be given on the Barcoded Magnetic Beads technology at the Biodetection Technology 2010 Conference in Arlington, Virginia. The presentation can be titled ‘Multiplexed Assays Proceed Digital’ and will be given by Dr. Winston Ho, President at Applied BioCode, on June 18, 2010. The ‘Multiplexed Assays Go Digital’ presentation focuses on the company’s novel Barcoded Magnetic Beads Technology which utilizes an electronic technology and offers unmatched decoding accuracy furthermore to precise fluorescence detection.