Alzheimers Tsunami: Is U.

The crisis deepens. Alzheimer’s is already the country’s fastest-growing disease, and an Alzheimer’s patient costs the system triple that of patients being treated for other ailments. Experts warn it has the potential to bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid within a matter of years. This may shock many: Medicare doesn’t purchase nursing home care. Even patients with substantial savings may see their personal savings wiped out should they, or someone you care about, require 24/7 care. What the national nation needs is a cure. Some argue that drugs approved for the treating Alzheimer’s, such as for example Aricept and Namenda, do relieve symptoms. But others insist that after 2 yrs, patients are right back where they would have been without drugs.They did not identify any cases in which CTCs were detected and ctDNA was absent. The researchers also studied how accurately the test identified mutations in individuals' tumors. They analyzed blood and tumors samples in another group of 206 patients with metastatic colorectal cancers, finding that ctDNA correctly identified 87 % of sufferers with KRAS gene mutations, meaning that these sufferers' tumors may be vunerable to a therapy called epidermal growth factor receptor blockade. Related StoriesUtah chemists devise fresh way to detect DNA damageStudy reviews discovery of new class of DNA repair enzymeEntirely new enzymatic procedure for DNA synthesis In addition, investigators assessed whether ctDNA could provide clues to how cancers build resistance to EGFR blockade therapy in 24 individuals who responded to therapy initially but later relapsed.